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LastyGhost's News

Posted by LastyGhost - August 14th, 2018

Sorry I haven't been too active for days now. I wasn't just focusing with music work, but school started for me, and due to this, I might be less active than usual -Well, I'm already not too active here-Though it basically goes to the rest of my media: especially Deviantart and Twitter, since I use them the most.


I haven't composed or drawn much nowadays, but I still hope for finishing all my works by the end of the year. It can also be painful, since some of the drawings do take me days, and all that, right?


Twitter has been my most active media in recent days, since I check it every morning to see what can I find interesting to Retweet. And not just from the people I have notifications on. There's also stuff I post there that I don't post in other media, due to reasons unknown.

Be sure to follow it for major updates: https://twitter.com/TheLastyGhost


I still do expect to be a little more active here, and at least do something, and be someone.




Posted by LastyGhost - August 3rd, 2018



I've done various changes to this track, since its first version didn't sound too... robotic, for that intent.

It might be suffice to say that, I wanted to make the song sound more robotic and more House, if not explosive, merciless or even evil. I still had to make room for some 'rogue' impressions. I've changed some instruments, just as so the track feels more electronic and all that. Readjusted panning, fixed other stuff... yeah right.


(This, because I felt kinda lazy to put a full description. I've been into Internet issues nowadays...)

Posted by LastyGhost - July 4th, 2018

Nothing is alright.

Posted by LastyGhost - June 27th, 2018

Despite I can call Springtron "one of the best songs I have ever composed", I didn't feel like it was yet perfect. If I haven't taken off the song from my Medly, it was basically because I still needed to write the leitmotifs that make it different from its counterpart Spring Man. But then, I realized I haven't deleted it because I felt like it wasn't yet perfect, and was kinda rushed out by the time I made it. I quickly composed it after Jonathan - one you can actually call a meh track - and didn't pay much attention.

So, yeah, Springtron is polished, despite I still need to design its artwork, then post it, have some notes related to its revisit:


-Removed Stomp (Bass, House). It's only heard during the first verse, and has no other participation afterwards, so, it was deleted.

-Replaced High (Piano, Starter) for Beam (Lead, Master). Beam might not be as tranquil as High, but it's still not powerful, meaning, it was perfect for the start of something truly robotic.

-Replaced Filtered (Piano) with Tunnel (Synth, Future Bass). Tunnel is a weak synth, and despite he isn't heard much like with Filtered - and probably cause they sound similar as well -, if you can really hear the difference...

-Replaced Pillar (Synth, Master) for Metallic (Synth, House). Despite Pillar brings on excitement, Metallic made the song more robotic.

-Replaced Ghost (Bass, Master) with Overdrive (Bass, Trance). Ghost is one of the weakest instruments in Medly, but also one of the instruments I use the most, basically accompained with Music Box (Accompaniment, Classical), and form a combo I call Haunted - but this is something else. Overdrive isn't an instrument I really use due its strong sound, but at least it was semi-robotic.

-Replaced Intense (Pad, House) for Saw (Synth, Trance). Saw is secretly an instrument I use enough times, and it really has some robotic and intense sound. I also gave the instrument a slightly major role (but still minor) in the song.

-Replaced Keys (Synth, Rock) for Acid (Lead, Starter). Acid is one of my favorite Medly instruments due to its intense, techno-like sound. You might not have noticed, but Acid is in most, if not all, the music I made in Medly. Keys is also my favorite instrument, but I wanted a quite more robotic sound for this song, and hence why Acid was the one for the 'job. She is one with me...

-Gave a slightly major role to Leap (Synth, Starter). She can now be heard by the last loud drop of the song, alongside her friend Wobble (Synth, Future Bass)

-Modified the Panning on Chip (Synth, Starter), Drive (Lead, Trance), New Age (Lead, House), and the newly-replaced Metallic.

-Some other fixes!


After I finish the song's artwork, be ready for something robotico!



Posted by LastyGhost - May 24th, 2018

After watching my 'huge' folder that has all the pictures my iPad has taken in its life (or at least, all the saved-lings), I wanted to go 'curious' and checked my personal folder under my real name. 

It happens that... my inspirations... and all my old works... were still saved.


I thought the only images I had saved were the ones from my iPad, as well as the only music being saved in my computer was the music I made. But I found my roots... hence why.


Not really of an important notice. I only wanted to let you know about this sudden discovery...

Posted by LastyGhost - May 17th, 2018



-This track uses all the instruments in the Essentials Pack, except the three Mallets and the two Vox.

-The ‘intruders’ on this track are the EDM and Electronic Drums (from Starter and House packs, respectively) and the Keys Synth (from the Rock pack)

-The track uses various leitmotifs that belong to Unsynthetization, Odyssey, Funest Trigger, Blood Analysis, Spring Man, and evenAnti-Satanist - an old FL Studio 12 track of mine. I do plan on remaking it, though under another name. There’s even a sequence similar to Lava Storm.

-The song was originally called Manuel - meaning, the song was named after my brother. I then moved onto a self-suggestion, which was Gold Dragon. However, neither of the names convinced me, and at the end, I named the track after a Discord friend of mine: Jonathan.

-There was a ‘happy ending’ for the track, that didn’t make it through the final version. It was just some chord combo between Heavy, Filtered, and Keys. The sudden ending was still okay for me, however.




In general, all the instruments used. Code mentions instrument name, type and pack.

-Classic (Acoustic Guitar, Essentials)

-Modern (Acoustic Guitar, Essentials)

-Heavy (Piano, Essentials)

-Filtered (Piano, Essentials)

-Sci-Fi (Synth, Essentials)

-Keys (Synth, Rock)

-Bright (Ensemble, Essentials)

-Cinema (Ensemble, Essentials)

-Flute (Woodwind, Essentials)

-Short Flute (Woodwind, Essentials)

-Ocarina (Woodwind, Essentials)

-FX (Drums, Essentials)

-Electronic (Drums, House)

-EDM (Drums, Starter)




Listen now:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nL5uKx-bLn4&t=55s (YouTube)

https://soundcloud.com/thelastyghost/jonathan (SoundCloud)

https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/806126 (here)


 - - - ChoonLasty-Ghost - - -

Posted by LastyGhost - April 19th, 2018

I just woke up, and decided to check Newgrounds - as usual with some of my mornings, to watch and give scores to whatever I find, just to rack up experience. But, saw a totally enhanced profile. It might be confusing in the first place, however. There are some areas without a new format (yet), but by looking at the profiles... I can say they are modernizing the page even more... I like this.


My Your Best Friend remix is revised!

As I once told, I said about me revising my Your Best Friend remix, after receiving some advice, and I can tell you this: the pitch in most (if not all?) instruments has been decreased by a scale, there is less white noise (some of it was substituted by cymbals), most instruments have been subject to receive reverb, a few accompainment chords were changed, and last, but not least: Slight tempo increase - instead of going at 120 BPM, it goes to 124 BPM. This was done to accomodate better the original song.

Might upload the revision in here later. For now, check it on SoundCloud! https://soundcloud.com/thelastyghost/your-best-friend-remix



Posted by LastyGhost - April 7th, 2018

This was just to let you know, that I'm trying to get readapted to Newgrounds, as I drop by some works by others.

Though, I'll also get to upload some tracks I did, are posted in SoundCloud, but not here. I made several, in case you want to check my SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/thelastyghost , but only the best might have a place here.


I've been working on some more stuff, though. I revised my Your Best Friend remix, but it isn't yet here, since it's a .wav file, and I can only use .mp3. I don't want to risk deleting and reposting the update in SoundCloud, since views are lost. But at least I can tell you, that most the instruments' pitch has been reduced, has less white noise, and includes a bit more of reverb.

I'm also working on a track, that is... well... another Unsynthetization format. It's a revised version of my last track made in FL Studio 12 (in my old account), Unsynthetization 'Evolution'. It's just called Unsynthetization, yet it also shows the name written in Japanese. (I will know it has three times the ん ideogram, since it's the only one I can fully memorize - n)

I planned, as well, a vox-only (with a little percussion) track, in which I will do my best to use, only that type of instrument. It was originally a remix of Tem Village, which is also from Undertale, but I think I'd rather do an original song.


If you want to suggest a remake or a remix, don't hesitate on telling me. I'll do what I can.

Posted by LastyGhost - March 13th, 2018



I know it's made in Medly, and I structured it all, but I feel like I won't post this one here on Newgrounds. It contains samples I do not own, which include: Some of the Dubstep Kit on the Master Audio, and the Thunder sound, from the Starter one. Though it's using Instrument loops where the rules apply, I still think I won't post the track, due to the samples mentioned before.


But, you, what do you think?

Posted by LastyGhost - February 20th, 2018

I'm no newbie to Newgrounds. I originally started as ChoonieMoonie2002, but had to move accounts, not because I couldn't turn into a Supporter to change my username, but because my style has improved so much the account wouldn't 'handle' the drastic style-program change, and so... I had to go back, but under a new name, and so, I can post my Medly tracks without style-change suspect, or something like that.


I, probably shouldn't do this, but for those who didn't get to know me as ChoonieMoonie2002, here is my old story/account: https://chooniemoonie2002.newgrounds.com/


But yes, I'm still the Choonie girl you know (and enjoy, despite I don't know?) - I'm just under a new Newgrounds name, as well as style to compose.