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LastyGhost's News

Posted by LastyGhost - 6 days ago

I just wanted to take time to announce, that now that I'm feeling like I have returned to Geometry Dash, I'll be there to stay, no matter what happens or how long 2.2 takes!

(Uhm, Lasty... you already said that. Sorta)

Still, even if not more than a month has passed since my return, I have been feeling so inspired to create GD levels. The reputation is little as for now, but it can be more overtime!

And if it reaches good perks, who knows... either I can become a well-known creator... or my music can be fully usable in the game! Just... time has to pass, as well as approval...

Resumes for my levels:

Internal Spark: My first level. Expect transitions between cyan and green, and fuchsia.

Into the Sunset: A sunset-styled level that is, mostly slow-paced, but features decoration of almost every kind; first, you're in a garden-like area, but then you're in a city... and go to a factory!?

Recreated: A retro-style level that follows a 1.9 aesthetic; no elements from 2.0 onwards whatsoever. Be careful with the 3x speed near the end!

Memories: A level that will make it feel like it's 2013 again. Simple and 'plain', featuring only Cube and Ship sequences, as well as classic decoration. Not much to say here.

Frozen Promise: A 1.7-1.8-style level that, if it doesn't give chilly vibes, then I don't know what does it give. It's not as slow as thought of, but you won't regret getting through a frozen... how to call it, if not wasteland?

The level's IDs:

Internal Spark: 57448461

Into the Sunset: 57612776

Recreated: 57779178

Memories: 57803632

Frozen Promise: 57834805

My GD username: LastyGhost

And while I wish I could record videos for my levels... Everyplay got discontinued last year, and it was my only source to share videos of my overall GD stuff. So I don't think I'll make my YouTube channel multi-purpose...

Still, check this video someone made of Memories!:

If you want exclusive previews of my levels, don't forget to add me on Discord: ChoonLasty-Ghost#7074

~LastyGhost :)


Posted by LastyGhost - 3 weeks ago

No; my music is NOT available for use in GD yet.

I'm finally back to it, and my roots are getting back as well. In the end, I came to stay, no matter how long 2.2 takes.

But I will not focus much on trying to complete tons and tons of levels -if I do, those may range between Easies and Normals; my focus will be on making for the community. I can remain a ghost, but still.

If I get enough overall reputation, who knows...

My GD username: LastyGhost

Two of my levels -the two I have uploaded as for now:

Internal Spark: 57448461

Into the Sunset: 57612776



Posted by LastyGhost - 1 month ago

~Despite those are automatic at the beginning of every month, I am not participating in Monthly Voting. It's friendly reminder that I'm not that active on Newgrounds and prefer to vote on random submissions, with a minor chance on voting those Under Judgement.

~Do NOT ask me to review your game, animation, audio or art. This is otherwise considered as spam and people will, much less, review your work. Let the fans come and do whatever they want; that's what I do, even if that leaves me as a ghost in the site. Besides, the Forums are there for that; promoting yourself. Of course, do it in the specific threads or make one of your own... and you will be fine.

~Do NOT invite me to contests, no matter the type. They are a waste of talent and time, and you're just making me interrupt works I really want to finish just to make you happy. This may also fall under the category of spam; I am not calling every form of self-promotion 'spam', but you know you can do that in the Forums... right?

~ABSOLUTELY DO NOT PROMOTE TO EXTERNAL SITES THAT CANNOT BE TRUSTED!! I am aware most of those that do it are unauthorized bots, but this is an insta-block; no matter if you aren't a bot.

If you send me a PM containing one or more of the above info once, I will ignore you.

But if it persists, I will block you.

Oh, and another reminder... I DON'T DO REQUESTS!!! If you dare to ask me for those, I will block you. I do not associate with this kind of people.

Thank you for taking the time to read this quick 'warnings' I set for if you send PMs to me.


Posted by LastyGhost - 1 month ago

Just after someone in Discord told me Newgrounds' got a temporary change of skin, I almost rushed to see the changes, and they're noticeable to the point it's bloody! Red, fuchsia, yellow... you name it.

I'm gonna join the Halloween trend soon -it's just that, in my Choonieverse, there's a similar holiday called Hollowing. Hence why I tend to prefer saying Hollow when talking about Halloween stuff...

I have considered doing Inktober, following the 2019 prompt in the official site. It may help me reinforce my traditional art skills, since it's not something I tend to do, but have done... or try to do, for that matter. 😅

And to those that celebrate it... Happy Madness Day!

~LastyGhost 🌙👻



Posted by LastyGhost - August 25th, 2019

I don't tend to talk about my personal issues here.

But I had to share this one.

I was tranquilly taking a shower... when I got out, my mother entered to my room, and gave me horrible news; my dog, who I got back in February as a puppy, got ran over... and died.

She wasn't even one year old, and I can't believe this happened...


Posted by LastyGhost - August 20th, 2019

Warm Welcome's sheet is now on MuseScore and is waiting to be remixed:


YouTube format:


I didn't want to make this aesthetic change, but wanted to make the score rather colorful and painted the instruments of the color they are in Medly. Just wanted to say that.


Posted by LastyGhost - August 11th, 2019

I have composed a few tracks that, despite I personally liked, felt like wouldn't be worth releasing them here or in my SoundCloud.

Some of Power Trip's soundtrack may turn into Unreleased as well, but these are original tracks I simply did not release.

They can be found on my YouTube and if you want, you can stay tuned to when I share there, but if you see one labeled 'Unreleased Track' between parenthesis, then it says it all.

Here they are just in case:

Sizzled, Melted, Repeated.

Low Tide.

Haven't been composing much -since school will start in one week, but that I'll try to keep composing remixes, original tracks and Soundtrack alike, I will.



Posted by LastyGhost - July 7th, 2019


When the Sun is Gone:

~The inspiration for it came from a foggy morning while I made my way to other city. I was kinda nervous and wanted to compose some Ambient track to contemplate it. However and for some reason, I ended up adding a Vox and dramatical Orchestral drums, as it slowly turned into the theme for my character Hermond.

~Excluding the fact Midnight Drive was still on the works by those days, When the Sun is Gone is the first song I compose for my original project Power Trip.

~The Hermond leitmotif gets reutilized again and again... it can't be for no reason; since Hermond is the protagonist of the story, I'm sure there may be enough tracks that 'talk' about him. (Hermond means Highway in Ancient Choonieverse language, that can be why...)

Drive series:

~I started Midnight Drive many months ago as some attempt on making something more intense than my usual tracks. But I rarely got into it, mostly because I barely knew how I'd progress with it. Only until 2018 was almost over I got to it and made it Power Trip's theme.

~Daytime, Sunset and Nighttime Drive wouldn't have been tracks if Midnight Drive didn't exist first. Or Power Trip, for that matter. Basically, Midnight Drive became the basis to the other Drives.

~Apart from the Drives based on the times of the day, I'm working on The Final Drive; the Drive that may be played in the final part of the story.

~Sunset Drive ended up as one of my personal favorite tracks. To the point I want to make an extended version...


ARMS Neo-Remix:

~I wanted to compose a remix of the ARMS theme for 2 years now! Like, the song is still on my mind to the point I may never take it off anytime soon! Unfortunately, I didn't have much experience composing music back then, so... yeah; it was left on hold for those 2 years.

~I, for some reason, went by referring the characters with the instruments I used; Spring for Spring Man, Grind -as for its sound- for Ribbon Girl, Frog for Ninjara, Ghost -bass- for Master Mummy, Snake for Kid Cobra, Drill for Springtron... I may not have referred them all, but still various!

~I have no idea why I decided to name it Neo-Remix rather than simply Remix. Many remixed the track before, but it was by the times of ARMS' glory.

Posted by LastyGhost - June 11th, 2019

WARNING: SPOILERS FROM THE NINTENDO DIRECT OF E3! Don't read unless you watched it or know what has been announced.

First of all, heya. I've been busy with music as usual, but I decided to drop by and watch the E3 Direct.

~Dragon Quest content in Smash: Personally, I'm not that interested in Dragon Quest -I only know it because of the famous Slimes- or anything, but that the Hero, coming as a fighter, has alternate appearances as alternate color schemes works. I feel like it's one of those Avatar-type characters -just like the Villagers or the Inklings- that can be customized at will. That works.

Hopefully it serves enough so I get my interest on the series; just like Castlevania and Pikmin did.

~Luigi's Mansion 3: I've seen little of the original Luigi's Mansion for GameCube -since I was still a baby back then- and haven't seen much either of Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon (aka Luigi's Mansion 2), but the third game doesn't stop catching my eye, ESPECIALLY because Gooigi can be controlled by another player. It can work so I use that side account my brother made for completing stories you have to reset all your data if you want to reset them, but we also used it to complete SMO together. The function of Online Play serves too. Come on Nintendo, we have too many Luigis. And Gooigis.

~The new Animal Crossing game: I was expecting this now that I am getting more into the series thanks to Pocket Camp. Unfortunately, even though in the Direct that revealed Isabelle for Smash it was told that the new AC game would come this year, it was pushed to Spring of next year. I know, a specific date was given, but yeah. Having to populate an island does catch my attention.

By the way; in the end of the trailer when the title is revealed; have you spotted the two 'default' Villagers that appear in Smash? I did.

~Banjo and Kazooie in Smash: After 20 long years of waiting... popular demand is finally satisfied at, probably over 1000%... the bear-and-bird duo finally made it. It was interesting how the same story than with King K. Rool's reveal was repeated, but with K. Rool with both Kongs -what, are they friends now?

Now Duck Hunt gets the punishment... and the dream of Banjo and Kazooie comes true! (Oh, and by the way... did you spot a Happee Sandbag at one point of the trailer? I've been taking many captures of it!)

A fact; if I mentioned 20 long years, it's because; did you know they were overdue since THE ORIGINAL SMASH for Nintendo 64? This list proves it; I know it's in Japanese, but the name placed in Number 8 reads their names (written as Banji-o~&Kazu~i):


However, the only thing that left me disappointed is that we got no info about Bayonetta 3. I know I'm still 16 -but turn 17 this year- and stuff, but I got into the series since last year. I almost complete the story of Bayonetta 2 in Infinite Climax -a difficulty harder than Hard- and still need to get better at the first game, but yes... no info may mean ANOTHER year of waiting... unless there's another Direct later this year and reveals it as something REALLY sudden. And no, Astral Chain -also developed by PlatinumGames- won't convince me. I'd die for Bayonetta 3's announcement.

Oh, and Splatoon 2's almost over; with its Final Splatfest announced for next month. I read it will last 4 complete days. I hope I still have the Online Service so I can dedicate all those days to it...



Posted by LastyGhost - June 6th, 2019

I didn't expect this at all. But only until I've been checking the reviews to my Mii Channel cover, I noticed it got frontpaged.

First of all, thank you so much. I know I compose for fun, but if it's something you enjoyed, I'm glad you did.

Second of all, I got more remixes and covers on the works. Unfortunately, I haven't had any ideas for original songs, hence why I'm doing those remixes to keep my music life alive and ongoing.

Still, and again, thanks for this.

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