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Student that is mostly visual and musical artist.
Music; House and Trance. Medly.
Art: 9+ to 16+; stuff from my stories, fanarts, or blood/gore. AutoDesk Sketchbook.
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LastyGhost's News

Posted by LastyGhost - 3 weeks ago

You might already know this, but unlike the rest of my media, I'm not all that active on Newgrounds.
I have mostly been lacking music ideas, but a kicker here is, school started again for me, and because of this, I will reduce my activity on the media. I already am an inactive soul here, but at least, I will do my best to catch up and probably just vote and review a few things.

I've also planned on doing post-bombs regarding the work I've done during the month. Due to Newgrounds' submission limit, it might take me 2 days to post it all.


However, there's other thing I plan on working on; my written/illustrated project Power Trip. I only am aware that I'll post some 'secrets' related to the characters and how I changed the ideas for the project in a quest of months. But mostly some facts for the characters.
The first Blogger post on how the idea was born, for if you want to read it: https://lastyghostpresents-powertrip.blogspot.com/2019/01/introduction-original-idea.html


But recaping, I will do my best to be slightly more active in the site. I can't promise anything, though, but that I'll spontaneously rate and review some stuff, I will.




Posted by LastyGhost - December 2nd, 2018

I'm not all that active in Newgrounds, and am not really interested into the "Monthly Voting" private messages that come to me every start of the month.

Even if I have tried my best to ignore them, they still keep popping up every start of the month, making ignoring possibilities impossible. I don't want to receive those messages ANYMORE.


Is there a way to stop receiving those private messages once and for all?

Posted by LastyGhost - October 23rd, 2018

Been lacking ideas pretty recently, AGAIN. Have to focus on, not just finishing this school semester, but also I'm in a despaired attempt to finish all my pending art.

Do consider how slow I am, but I have been working one of my tracks to a score (using MuseScore), just as so one day I can play it on my piano, if possible, for a Christmas recital. (cause, Jingle Bells and other known holiday songs are SO passe!)

That song I was trying to talk about is my for-now-only Classical piece Storm. Due to its genre, I think it should be known all through my city, and if via piano recital, better. This might also mean even rougher work for me to finish.


But you better check on my Deviantart and my Twitter regularly to see what I'm up to... 



Posted by LastyGhost - October 13th, 2018

Apart from the title being self-explanatory, let me give you some sort of heads-up to all GD players/fans out there:

No matter how amazing some of my songs might sound, no. You cannot use them for your level, apart from the fact I am not even approved, though yes scouted on the site. After I left, I decided to simply publish for fun, not for my music being used in such semi-outdated game with a very toxic fandom. Probably even more toxic than Sonic.
I don't want to be approved anymore, actually.


Oh, and one last note; I hate Geometry Dash.


Thank you for reading.


Posted by LastyGhost - October 11th, 2018

So, first of all... today is my birthday. Weeeee.


Second of all; I suddenly disappeared, then again. However, I don't think I'll instantly post my newest songs as for now, since Klickaud's been down, and it's practically the only way I know to convert my songs to .mp3.
I must mention, those two new songs I made are: a song that is merely a remix/rearrangement of Medly's Gallop, and the other is an original birthday song.


I also tried to keep myself productive regarding art, but now it happens that art and music take me the same amount of time; many days. I also have musical works in progress for slightly over a month. Generally, it's because I don't know how to keep on with the track, but I want to finish it. It's all I know.


I'm also trying to design artworks and creatures for some of my personal favorite tracks. I also got in mind this tiny Finish Now revisit, though it might be renamed Finish Now!
There will also be some sort of orchestral version, This Year, though I might want to start composing that when the Holiday Season starts to take shape. I could start already, since I plan the song to last almost 8 minutes. That might be intentional, since it's a piece that compilates (almost) every moment I lived this year, and I have heard some long classical pieces in Spotify.

Besides, I should be an amateur to long pieces, since both Galaxy and Unsynthetization themselves already last almost 7 minutes.


If I don't show up in later days, I can leave you this message;

Happy Hollowing!



Posted by LastyGhost - September 20th, 2018

I think most of you already know this, but... I don't check Newgrounds too often.


However, after refreshing my browser, since it would be updated, I noticed something... different, with the rating system. But apparently it COULD get to help me in something, but I don't know what. I would get to know... until later. I'm not really sure.


I haven't been composing too much recently. Apart from transcribing/merging Spring Man and Springtron in some sort of single track that narrates the fight between the human and the robot, I have also been with plans related to other song-variant merging. Of course, it MIGHT get to sound different if I can do that -considering I can only use up to 24 instruments-, but apart from this merge of Spring Man and Springtron, those merges that have proper names are 2001 (Galaxy and Odyssey) and This Year (Start Again and Finish Now)


I must say, I could already start planning my Christmas song (It's still September, I'm aware, but...), and probably I wouldn't compose some original track, but getting to work in This Year. Classical REALLY seems like it's a very hard genre to dominate, but as I succeeded with some Classical piece, I can be fine.


I... really do not have much to say here, but I swear I will get something done someday.




Posted by LastyGhost - August 14th, 2018

Sorry I haven't been too active for days now. I wasn't just focusing with music work, but school started for me, and due to this, I might be less active than usual -Well, I'm already not too active here-Though it basically goes to the rest of my media: especially Deviantart and Twitter, since I use them the most.


I haven't composed or drawn much nowadays, but I still hope for finishing all my works by the end of the year. It can also be painful, since some of the drawings do take me days, and all that, right?


Twitter has been my most active media in recent days, since I check it every morning to see what can I find interesting to Retweet. And not just from the people I have notifications on. There's also stuff I post there that I don't post in other media, due to reasons unknown.

Be sure to follow it for major updates: https://twitter.com/TheLastyGhost


I still do expect to be a little more active here, and at least do something, and be someone.




Posted by LastyGhost - August 3rd, 2018



I've done various changes to this track, since its first version didn't sound too... robotic, for that intent.

It might be suffice to say that, I wanted to make the song sound more robotic and more House, if not explosive, merciless or even evil. I still had to make room for some 'rogue' impressions. I've changed some instruments, just as so the track feels more electronic and all that. Readjusted panning, fixed other stuff... yeah right.


(This, because I felt kinda lazy to put a full description. I've been into Internet issues nowadays...)

Posted by LastyGhost - July 4th, 2018

Nothing is alright.

Posted by LastyGhost - June 27th, 2018

Despite I can call Springtron "one of the best songs I have ever composed", I didn't feel like it was yet perfect. If I haven't taken off the song from my Medly, it was basically because I still needed to write the leitmotifs that make it different from its counterpart Spring Man. But then, I realized I haven't deleted it because I felt like it wasn't yet perfect, and was kinda rushed out by the time I made it. I quickly composed it after Jonathan - one you can actually call a meh track - and didn't pay much attention.

So, yeah, Springtron is polished, despite I still need to design its artwork, then post it, have some notes related to its revisit:


-Removed Stomp (Bass, House). It's only heard during the first verse, and has no other participation afterwards, so, it was deleted.

-Replaced High (Piano, Starter) for Beam (Lead, Master). Beam might not be as tranquil as High, but it's still not powerful, meaning, it was perfect for the start of something truly robotic.

-Replaced Filtered (Piano) with Tunnel (Synth, Future Bass). Tunnel is a weak synth, and despite he isn't heard much like with Filtered - and probably cause they sound similar as well -, if you can really hear the difference...

-Replaced Pillar (Synth, Master) for Metallic (Synth, House). Despite Pillar brings on excitement, Metallic made the song more robotic.

-Replaced Ghost (Bass, Master) with Overdrive (Bass, Trance). Ghost is one of the weakest instruments in Medly, but also one of the instruments I use the most, basically accompained with Music Box (Accompaniment, Classical), and form a combo I call Haunted - but this is something else. Overdrive isn't an instrument I really use due its strong sound, but at least it was semi-robotic.

-Replaced Intense (Pad, House) for Saw (Synth, Trance). Saw is secretly an instrument I use enough times, and it really has some robotic and intense sound. I also gave the instrument a slightly major role (but still minor) in the song.

-Replaced Keys (Synth, Rock) for Acid (Lead, Starter). Acid is one of my favorite Medly instruments due to its intense, techno-like sound. You might not have noticed, but Acid is in most, if not all, the music I made in Medly. Keys is also my favorite instrument, but I wanted a quite more robotic sound for this song, and hence why Acid was the one for the 'job. She is one with me...

-Gave a slightly major role to Leap (Synth, Starter). She can now be heard by the last loud drop of the song, alongside her friend Wobble (Synth, Future Bass)

-Modified the Panning on Chip (Synth, Starter), Drive (Lead, Trance), New Age (Lead, House), and the newly-replaced Metallic.

-Some other fixes!


After I finish the song's artwork, be ready for something robotico!