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LastyGhost's News

Posted by LastyGhost - 5 days ago

While at first I was uncertain I could pull off a bi-weekly thing because of school and random distractions, considering I can do so any day of the week I have planned to post it, I decided to make it a thing: Bi-weekly NSFW is what its name implies: a new NSFW drawing every 2 weeks. The day will be random, so stay tuned about it.

Most of the artworks I'll draw are going to involve a few of the characters from my Fugitive series... and my Rogue Springtron, to what comes this little situation I had to deal with earlier this month;

So, some person that didn't read my warning about not using an artwork I no longer desire for any purposes posted such to Rule 34, and while it was there for four months, only until a friend of mine told me about it I had to write an email to the staff. It's not just the fact I said the work couldn't be used for any purposes, but Rogue is a fan character despite being a mass-produced Springtron model.

I do not want my name to be associated with the Rule 34 site, and will much less tolerate people that mistake Rogue for the real Springtron. You have been warned.

In other news...

You may've noticed my inactivity. Sorry for that, I haven't had many ideas for detailed or not-so-quick drawings to share. I've kept writing articles on the CRiTORA WiKi, though, for if you want to check it out: https://critora.fandom.com/

And as you may've read in the news post in which I announced I'd drop out from Goretober due to the excessive application of pressure... yep, I'm indeed doing Huevember.

It's not really of going to be 'much of a color', but I'll use a character I bet represents the color the most.

A friend of mine made this Huevember calendar which I filled out with the characters I own that I'm going to draw during those days:


And I bet that's everything I'm going to say for now.



Posted by LastyGhost - 2 weeks ago

I have decided to drop out from Goretober.

Honestly, I feel like I'm putting too much work over myself and it's getting mixed up with school and other things. It's not laziness anymore, and it's not that I get overworked or anything, but the drawings I'm doing for it are too complicated to keep track of in a daily basis.

Worry not, I may still due Huevember. Probably...

Posted by LastyGhost - 1 month ago

As you may've noticed, I decided to take on Goretober. Most of my entries will be lineless, and I can say that I went by merging two prompts -one from this year and other from last year- for a more horrifying result. Well, maybe not that horrifying, but still opening a great room for experimentation.

My self-implied rules are that I will only involve my characters -and only a select few. Not all entries are going to involve a character, though.

Aside from that, I don't think I have much to say, aside from... huh?



Posted by LastyGhost - September 22nd, 2020

School's been fine so far. Even if I was 'forced' to spend almost the equivalent of USD$100.00 on material for a class and get an all-new camera I'm still experimenting with, things have been all right.

As it's the first partial, I still have the free times to draw and play some videogames. After paying off my last ACNH loan, I've had motivation to play other games. Although; I have another loan to pay on my side Switch account, so things aren't over just yet for my ACNH life -and may never be.

On another note, I've considered doing Goretober. Even if a prompt I found and considered is from last year, it still counts. At least, considering the Inktober incident and whatnot. I want to make this October/Halloween my most horrifying -but still ridiculously cute- one yet. It's also my reminder that I haven't drawn gore despite enjoying so...


Posted by LastyGhost - September 1st, 2020

So, school has officially kicked in for me. This first week may be lax, but the following ones may reduce my activity at greater levels.

I just wanted to say that, and that I've been working as an editor at this Wiki if you want to check it out:


Posted by LastyGhost - July 27th, 2020

I normally do not talk about my real life issues here, but...

My grandmother -mother side, after several years of health struggles -including a missing kidney and a pacewalker, she could not make through some oxygenation issues, and passed away.

Because of this contingency, I was unable to personally say goodbye to her. My pain is as immense as my mother's, who saw her die. It doesn't hurt less not witnessing death, but it hurts even more, I wasn't there to give her one last distanced hug.

As I doubt funerals may be held, I decided to prepare a spot near my in-game house at my Animal Crossing: New Horizons island dedicated to her. It is all I can do to give my condolences.


It doesn't matter if I didn't have enduring conversations with her -I actually liked to listen to her, but she was important to me, like all of my relatives.

She finally rests from every struggle, and may her spirit find a good place.



Posted by LastyGhost - July 10th, 2020

I decided to un-publish my Believer remix because it was literally the only track that was getting attention.

There is more to what I have composed besides that stupid atrocity! I know I haven't had many ideas for original tracks, but why not check those out instead?!

I'm only doing remixes to experiment, not to get popular with them. Besides, you cannot make money out of them because they are not entirely your property.

But seriously. Leave my remixes alone and only focus on the original tracks.

(How the fuck did it get downloads anyway? I did not allow them, nor embedding, or much less get used in that stupid game that made new composers be declined in the first place! Fuck you, RobTop!)

Posted by LastyGhost - July 4th, 2020

I'm in just for fun, though.


Posted by LastyGhost - June 22nd, 2020


I woke up this morning with, nothing to expect, but a lot to think about the same time. This was the day everything would be uncovered.

I was expecting Spring Man, but Min Min was the chosen one. I was expecting this to happen, though; she won the Party Crash Bash of last year in ARMS itself, so I'd consider her inclusion more of 'something that happened a year ago' than 'a suggestion from the director', which, by the way, personally likes Min Min, from what I know. So it was to be expected for her to be the chosen one. VERY expected.

Not that I didn't use her in ARMS itself, I had a very stuck playing style back then, so shifting was an issue. But like many -except Ninjara and Misango, I could NOT understand them at all- I enjoyed her.

(Still don't know if I'll play ARMS ever again after the 10-day Game Trial...)

But she's coming out in a week?! Hey, at least I'll have time to start planning strategies. Again, it was mentioned she was good for ground AND distance, and it could take time to fully get control of her. Luckily I have an adaptative playing style, so considering I know how to use every character -well, almost every character, it may pass no time until I fully understand her. I considered replacing one of my current mains with her, but for now, let's keep those hypes up.

And while I wait ANOTHER WEEK until the DLC releases, I may start planning on a remake of this drawing from 2017:iu_134907_6773675.jpg

See you another time, fellow buds! ~LastyGhost


Posted by LastyGhost - June 15th, 2020

No, I am NOT interested in contests of any kind! Do not just NOT advertise them in my news posts like they are nothing, do NOT invite me via PM because I will just ignore you and will result in an immediate block.

I do not fucking care if the reward is a Supporter grade or big fat money, I will not join contests of any kind for the fucking sake of not doing so! I prefer getting recognized by slowly being more noticeable than joining a ghost-damn contest to get false attention I did not ask for.

If page visitors will not have this in mind... scram. Please, just restrain from announcing your stupid contest and scram...

Very long ago -and this list will never get outdated, I wrote a ruleset regarding PMs. Well, it can also apply to commenting in my news posts and everything I own.


And if someone thinks they can outsmart me by saying they'll use my music in that GD garbage... I am not approved.