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LastyGhost's News

Posted by LastyGhost - 5 hours ago

Although I haven't had many drawing or composing ideas, I've been playing so much ACNH nowadays, trying to reshape my island and pay off all of my loans.

And when they come out, I'll be busy trying to main the ARMS Fighter -don't care who it turns out to be- in Smash. Say whatever you want, but I will main them no matter what.

Posted by LastyGhost - 11 days ago

Why 'technically', you ask? Well, I still need to wait for my grades.

However, now I get the time to draw. To compose, I lacked ideas for original songs, only remixes. Now that I deactivated my DA account, however, it can be harder to find fitting artwork for my future tracks.


Posted by LastyGhost - 2 weeks ago

... now's not yet the moment to apply them.

I'm currently in my final weeks -maybe days- of online classes -and Preparatory overall- and I got a lot of stuff waiting to be shared, but some of it may not be shared until a specific moment.

Even though I doubt this contingency will calm down anytime soon, my country has considered reactivating the economy because it needs to flow, but health measures are to be taken.

Believe me, I haven't gotten out of home for 2 months straight and it kind of detrimented my health a bit, if not a lot, because I even stopped exercising for a long while. Well, either that, or I've been playing too much ACNH nowadays.

I have a lot of things planned for next month. In fact, I want it to be next month already. In terms of what I'm fan of, I'm mostly waiting for the ARMS fighter -whoever it is- getting announced AND released for Smash. I don't have my expectations set up high, but if it's Spring Man, it'll be a huge TAKE THAT! to the Smash fandom, though who will reprise the Assist Trophy rule? I assume it surely won't be Springtron, because I see him getting in as an alt.

And if it isn't Spring Man, well, I'm keen with anyone, really. I'm an ARMS enthusiast even if I don't play the game itself anymore, after all.

In terms of media, I'll be sure to mostly work on stuff for Pride Month, SFW and NSFW alike. I'm still trying to sharpen my style's anatomy when it comes for the latter, but I'll get things under control. I hope so...

This is all I can say for now, really. I'm not excited, but I'm sure I won't be disappointed either.



Posted by LastyGhost - April 22nd, 2020

Since Deviantart recently announced its old format will officially retire next month, and a ton of people are going to leave the site, I'll try and be more active on Newgrounds, even if it's just favoriting art, music, and voting to increase my rank.

Here will be for my full drawings; character artworks will be over at my Toyhouse.

I had many plans I am forced to cancel or apply until next year, when I get fully used to this place.

Meanwhile, I will have to look for other media to publish my original stories... I know no one cares or knows them, but I'll share this info anyway:

I have made progress with correcting Fugitive: Power Trip, and am also trying to correct the first five chapters of Fugitive: World Crisis. I have not progressed much, and online classes indeed keep me busy.

If you ever want to hang out with me further, my Discord is: ChoonLasty-Ghost#7074

I do not plan on opening a server due to evident raid fears. Besides, I'm just one person and can't do all the job by myself.



Posted by LastyGhost - April 13th, 2020

There was no announcement because I had to cancel it.

My original series is not yet prepared to take on the high leagues, and I'm one person doing all the job.

Posted by LastyGhost - April 1st, 2020

Just felt like asking some rapid question... because nothing weird happened to the site -like last year with the Article 13 joke- or anything.

Anyway, I'll make a Major Announcement in my media in 9 days, highlighting a contest I'll hold on and will last 4 months -to give plenty of time as it's my first-ever contest.

I called April the 'Fugitive Month', as it was the month I created the character that led me to the creation of a full story, and also my first full story, Fugitive: Power Trip.

Also, I know almost none of them are active, but... thank you for the 70 Fans.

In other news, I think I'll work on harder with my GD levels whilst fulfilling online classes. Today will be mostly online classes, as I have a scheduled short departure very soon.


Posted by LastyGhost - March 16th, 2020

... but that doesn't mean I'll be on vacation.

They've considered digital classes, and they'll start next Monday.

Just wanted to say that, and hope the border between US and Mexico doesn't close really soon, or else my plans on getting New Horizons -for which I saved hard- will be ruined.


Posted by LastyGhost - March 2nd, 2020

When the greatest of things started to emerge from the shadows, I can, at first, tell you that I'll keep doing Animal Crossing fanart, maybe even after New Horizons comes out; from all the detail I have been seeing, I can feel that the delay has really paid off. Now I'm sure to save hard for it, since I pre-ordered it -but because I live in the Americas, I received nothing as pre-order bonus.

I'll also try to keep on with fanart of other things I like -but truly enjoy, like Rebel Inc -and Plague Inc, Abyssrium, or even those I don't do much fanart of, like Hollow Knight.

However, I'll also do my best at original art, especially from my Fugitive Series. I'll make an announcement in my DA in a few more days, about the next part of the series, Fugitive: World Crisis.

Seriously though, hopefully no one has noticed my NSFW post-bomb... and if you did?

Not that submissive women are overused for this type of work, but I'll mostly focus on men either being gay, getting fucked by tentacles or... just some nice masturbation.

Do feel free to criticize my anatomy, though; complicated posing isn't yet my thing, and even I'd like to add diversity to... that kind of stuff. Still though, I plan on doing anatomic studies for my style.

Unfortunately, I don't think I'll be composing any original music in most of the year. It's most likely going to consist of remixes and covers, but it'll probably help to hone my skills... if I can even keep up, because instead of a chock-full of tracks, now it's about a track per month, or no music. At all.

While I do keep trying to experiment with different styles and genres, I can't make an absolute guarantee.

Basically... the news had to be about art. It'll be it.




Posted by LastyGhost - February 26th, 2020

I can't take the abrupt silence anymore. I appear to have been left with no choice, but to share my NSFW stuff.

I'm inexperienced at this kind of stuff, so feel free to criticize, probably to the perk of being brutally honest. I may not change my style, but I can change the way I draw things.

Just in case, some of my older NSFW stuff will be shared privately between those who ask for it.

Posted by LastyGhost - February 25th, 2020

I have asked people if they were okay if I shared my NSFW stuff. No answers.

I have, like, 67 fans, but only two or three are active. Those active ones, I recap... would you be okay if I shared my NSFW stuff here?

If I don't receive answers by the end of this month, I'll just post-bomb it.