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And we're not talking the King character!

I love the smooth animation on this, as well as how the bubbles were animated. For this being just a shadow -and the thumb showing full color, it does not ruin quality.

The voice acting is not that bad; the woman in the house's voice could use some work, though.
The character designs aren't bad either.
The animation is just as alright, though the fighting scene could use some more attention. Apart from it feeling too quick.

Despite this, it has some plot on it. Haven't yet seen the very first episode, but when I have time, I will.

D-Liu responds:

Thank you very much for taking the time to watch it and write this review!

Amazing flipbook animation! I like the sudden twist on this, and I also like the perspectives during some of the frames. I also like the placement of the sound effects; it's why editing always works.

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Been years since I firstly played this and STILL love it. Never reached until the end, but it was a pleasant experience anyway, even if short.

Hey... this actually looks challenging. Combining mouse and keys isn't frequently seen. The soundtrack is dramatic, as for apocalyptic. Stuff looks great, overall.

There's so much lack of color for this one. However, it makes it look sad, which also makes it... fantastic, in its way. Its done so well I couldn't tell anything else other than that...

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Wow, you're working in the soundtrack for an personal project too? Cause I am.

The ambience feels just as alright, and those drops make you feel like something worse's coming, but in the end, it's the suspense about incoming invaders.
Though I don't think the drops are well announced -apart from the one at the beginning, and for this being at 150 BPM, it feels like it's going at a slower tempo.
Still, I like the choice for percussion.

It overall feels like a good choice for a soundtrack. It's the type of track that looks for counting a story.

Axeph-Null responds:

Thank you! I do agree with the fact that the second drop was not announced well, and that is one that I could add. I'm glad that I was able to create an atmosphere with this song. Yes, my project does have a story to it, but not one that you may expect... I'll release it eventually, so stay tuned for it. Again, thank you for the review!

This may remain as my all-time favorite track by you. It just feels too inspirational...

It's unfair how come this doesn't have many listens! It's calm, and overtime it gets happier.
I especially like the sounds on this, as well as the rhythm for it. The use of white noise isn't exaggerated; it's just as alright in my opinion!
If I were to define the custom genre... uhm... it could be 'Drum, Bass, and Ambient'. Something by those parts.

I may watch the video to this soon, but still; why this doesn't have more listens?

pichuscute0 responds:

Thank you so much! My guess as to why it hasn't gotten many views yet is because I released it at an off time of the day. That and I had taken a break from newgrounds for around 8 years... lmao.

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Haunted? More like, infected. Destroyed. The Halloween apocalypse resumed.

Clever how you made the moon, star and ghost camouflage with the rotten pumpkin, as well as the use of green color scheme; clearly resembling poison -or for this case, a world that got ruined thanks to a deadly disease.
Oddly enough, this lineless style gives it a slightly more tridimensional look, especially with the Parasite's ribbon. I understand if that was unintentional, but it's still an impression.

I was not expecting to receive this, but thank you so much for this. It's perfect for Halloween -at least, pathogenic Halloween because they ruined the humans' Halloween! I say, right?

Spaniel78CP responds:

Yup! Thanks for the compliment. :)

TURN-TO-BLUE ghosts, a picture of Gruntilda, and Majora's Mask?
Those were the ones I could find.

I don't imagine how much you spent on this, because it's overly complicated, all detail is present, and it looks amazing!

ScepterDPinoy responds:

Don't forget about one Halloween references based on movie this year as well.

*insert Mariachi shout here*

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