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This little loop was actually funny to look at! The sound effects are kept balanced, as well as the application of the idea itself. I'm hopeful others will like your result here.

(Nothing much to say here)

fattyfatfatto responds:

Thank you! It means a lot :D

Messing around with SFM can be hard, but it can lead to interesting results. I understand this was mostly a test, but for that, this turned out okay. Yes, hands can be the hardest part of animation, as for placement and stuff like that.

You should keep experimenting with this stuff if you want to be someone in the big leagues for SFM users.

Protoi responds:

Thank you and this was actually done in Maya. I don't remember where I got the model but it is pretty different than SFM.

You could have used SOMEONE's voice to attempt to mimick a cat. However though, besides the video being 'long' and loud ONLY for the intro and the credits, there isn't much actual content. I like the context, but you need to put more effort on it, as some people might not understand it.
The video would have been better if the actual content stood by itself, probably integrating the credits, but not making them too long either.

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Hey... this actually looks challenging. Combining mouse and keys isn't frequently seen. The soundtrack is dramatic, as for apocalyptic. Stuff looks great, overall.

There's so much lack of color for this one. However, it makes it look sad, which also makes it... fantastic, in its way. Its done so well I couldn't tell anything else other than that...

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Been years since I firstly heard this and I still love it at this point. Feels perfect for a great prosecution or some serious action.

I don't really hear what's good on this. I mean, the leitmotif may be well heard, but the rest of the track sounds... odd. I know it's an experiment and all that stuff, but it just feels odd in a way I can't describe. I don't think you nailed the 'dark' turn for the end.

It could be more justified if this was actually made in 2016 and you were a newbie back then, but... yeah...

Blokatt responds:

Yeah, that's fair. I suppose you have to approach this in the right "mode" to find it enjoyable. Like maybe when listening to old Amiga MODs that sound similar. It's a deliberate choice of style, something which I know isn't necessarily an excuse, but might make the context a bit more clear.

To be honest, I have no idea why people are listening to this one in particular. AFAIK, I've uploaded things that are way more listenable.

I can really hear how you got inspired from Bonfire. I could identify this as Glitch Hop. Not really a style I follow, but still something great to hear. You even included vocals before drop sequences!

(Hope I'm not the only one that knows what G-Spot truly means...)

SpeTheof responds:

Thanks man! =D

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I like how the Splat Roller's being the 'wheel' for Marina's motorcycle. The idea of this overall is interesting. It's what I can say.

It's somehow interesting you referred the Plant as a girl -I often refer it as a male...
I like the way you drew him, in they way he seems so prepared to attack somebody when it's out -it's out now, and I've been enjoying him so far.

(Oh and BTW, I'm ChoonLasty-Ghost, from Discord and Twitter)

"From the depths, rises the fearless Space Dragon, the Cunning 'God' of Death; please, welcome Ridley!"

I love the simple, yet eye-catching shading for this one, as well as the effects on the tail. He really looks ferocious for this work.
(Not like something you should know, but Ridley's one of my secondaries)

Student that is mostly visual and musical artist.
Music; House and Trance. Medly.
Art: 9+ to 16+; stuff from my stories, fanarts, or blood/gore. AutoDesk Sketchbook.
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