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The bloody ending was unexpected. And a bit scary for those that aren't too used to it...

It nails the style of old-timey cartoons, even on when Skitzo gets out of the barrel; his skeleton first, his skin/ink later.
It's amazing, anyway!

Comick responds:

Thanks! :D Glad you liked the old-timey stuff and yeah sorry if you didn't know skitzo cartoons are supposed to be horror.

Overly charming... it may lack voice, but it's not essential for it to be nice and fluent. I like the music at the end, matching the feelings of the Cyclops... Skeleton... character.

cecameron responds:

Thank you!

Trump farting on the paper was super-sudden.

The animation is fluid, and the lip-sync is matching. Not everyone's going to be keen with fart jokes, even if it's for satirical purposes, though.

In my opinion, you may either get B+ or A-. Again, it's just my opinion.

GLoosley responds:

I got a D-... :-\

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It took almost no time to modernize and stop using Flash! Now the game can live on for years to come!
Same 'story', extended, and destined to live on its name! Forever!

I like the type of games that seem easy at first, but are challenging in the end!

nyunesu responds:

thank you (:

I don't think you've put quite some effort into this.

The instructions are confusing -not to mention the voice is kind of poor, the screen isn't complete, the style... it overall looks like everything was drawn by a 5-year-old child in Microsoft Paint.
Games aren't something you make in a quest for weeks. Those can take months, and those are especially for polishments and stuff by the style.
Though a game can have bad graphics, it can be those that are 'so bad it's good'. But this one is just plain bad. I don't even know what to do due to the voice not being understandable -despite my best efforts- as well as the instructions were confusing.

Sorry buddy, but I don't think this will surpass the Judgement.

(Also, why did you put a Quit the Game option when we aren't on Steam?)

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Wow, you're working in the soundtrack for an personal project too? Cause I am.

The ambience feels just as alright, and those drops make you feel like something worse's coming, but in the end, it's the suspense about incoming invaders.
Though I don't think the drops are well announced -apart from the one at the beginning, and for this being at 150 BPM, it feels like it's going at a slower tempo.
Still, I like the choice for percussion.

It overall feels like a good choice for a soundtrack. It's the type of track that looks for counting a story.

AutumnCheney responds:

Thank you! I do agree with the fact that the second drop was not announced well, and that is one that I could add. I'm glad that I was able to create an atmosphere with this song. Yes, my project does have a story to it, but not one that you may expect... I'll release it eventually, so stay tuned for it. Again, thank you for the review!

This may remain as my all-time favorite track by you. It just feels too inspirational...

It's unfair how come this doesn't have many listens! It's calm, and overtime it gets happier.
I especially like the sounds on this, as well as the rhythm for it. The use of white noise isn't exaggerated; it's just as alright in my opinion!
If I were to define the custom genre... uhm... it could be 'Drum, Bass, and Ambient'. Something by those parts.

I may watch the video to this soon, but still; why this doesn't have more listens?

pichuscute0 responds:

Thank you so much! My guess as to why it hasn't gotten many views yet is because I released it at an off time of the day. That and I had taken a break from newgrounds for around 8 years... lmao.

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"Who you callin' Pinhead?"

A classic.


But, hold it... isn't Piranha Plant DLC too?

(Repeating the same thing I said back then...)

"Request activation of Protocol Beta-45!"
"And what's that protocol about?"
"No idea, but it shall be activated!"

I'm not gonna lie to you, I feel so delighted by this; it's not just the first drawing I receive of Rain-Beta, but probably one of the best drawings I have received of the Fugitive Series so far! Since you showed me you'd follow a puzzle piece style, I knew it was going to turn amazing... and it did! I like the glow, the shading, the detail on the pieces' lines... everything! To the perk I'm, on the other side, left without words! It's overly amazing!

I couldn't be happier, thank you so much for this! It's also perfect for an early Christmas gift!

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