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Oh, he totally wasn't sus when he vented... the finale was hilarious, can't lie here.

SuperJeffoMan responds:

Thank you, LastyGhost :)

Wow... this is amazingly well done. The pace may have been a bit slow, but it helped build tension. I was not expecting Cyan to be framed, even if they knew who did it. The lighting is fantastic, too.

Perfect for Halloween!

That happened to a friend of mine; he got ejected because he reported a body.

I kind of loved the suspense on this. Get it, the sus-pense?
But yeah, the animation and the colors of the characters could have used work, as purple doesn't feel like the purple we see in the game. Not bad overall, though!

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It is fairly simple to understand, it runs smooth, and I like the background song, too. I especially like how the color combinations can affect the platforms the characters can go through.

Short, but it was rather difficult at first and it was enjoyable!

It took almost no time to modernize and stop using Flash! Now the game can live on for years to come!
Same 'story', extended, and destined to live on its name! Forever!

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It doesn't sound as bad for an experiment! The vibes are catchy indeed! Though it may need some cymbal or noise to distinguish the sequences. Other than that, not bad.
(I'm a Medly user as well)

For something House, this is calm. Its theme matches the name.

Wow, you're working in the soundtrack for an personal project too? Cause I am.

The ambience feels just as alright, and those drops make you feel like something worse's coming, but in the end, it's the suspense about incoming invaders.
Though I don't think the drops are well announced -apart from the one at the beginning, and for this being at 150 BPM, it feels like it's going at a slower tempo.
Still, I like the choice for percussion.

It overall feels like a good choice for a soundtrack. It's the type of track that looks for counting a story.

AutumnCheney responds:

Thank you! I do agree with the fact that the second drop was not announced well, and that is one that I could add. I'm glad that I was able to create an atmosphere with this song. Yes, my project does have a story to it, but not one that you may expect... I'll release it eventually, so stay tuned for it. Again, thank you for the review!

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I have turned 18 the day before yesterday, and I get the feeling. As well as I enjoy the monochromatic tones of fuchsia and black on this. Gives a more suspensive feeling.

For me not seeing any of the Terminator films, this pixel art screams action... and the fact he'll be back no matter what.

This is so emotional... I'm truly at a loss of words. It didn't deserve such fate, but one day it'll be found by someone who will give them a better home...

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