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I know the RingCon was made to be super-resistant -since it's an exercising device- but pulling it this hard will for sure destroy it!

And the Adventurer sure is sadistically happy...

3DRod responds:

she'll make sure you get your daily workout!

Happy birthday to the slot gal we know and love!
*7 shows in the center slot*

Haunted? More like, infected. Destroyed. The Halloween apocalypse resumed.

Clever how you made the moon, star and ghost camouflage with the rotten pumpkin, as well as the use of green color scheme; clearly resembling poison -or for this case, a world that got ruined thanks to a deadly disease.
Oddly enough, this lineless style gives it a slightly more tridimensional look, especially with the Parasite's ribbon. I understand if that was unintentional, but it's still an impression.

I was not expecting to receive this, but thank you so much for this. It's perfect for Halloween -at least, pathogenic Halloween because they ruined the humans' Halloween! I say, right?

Spaniel78CP responds:

Yup! Thanks for the compliment. :)

TURN-TO-BLUE ghosts, a picture of Gruntilda, and Majora's Mask?
Those were the ones I could find.

I don't imagine how much you spent on this, because it's overly complicated, all detail is present, and it looks amazing!

ScepterDPinoy responds:

Don't forget about one Halloween references based on movie this year as well.

*insert Mariachi shout here*

Despite the neon colors, they're pleasant to the eyes. It's overall amazing.

J-Caro responds:


While it may feel intimidating to few, to me, it actually looks really cute!
I like the dead -but still smiling- face of the unicorn hat, as well as the munched lollipop, matching the monster's bite in some way.

"Seriously, don't take his lollipop away... he looks too innocent"

Diemorth responds:

Glad you noticed these details c:

I saw potential on RingFit ever since I saw the first trailer.
I rarely exercise nowadays and it seems like a fun -and easy- way to do so.

Can't wait for it to be next month, seriously.

Linkerluis responds:

Next month is seriously packed with Amazing games for the Switch.

For some reason, they remind me of Momo.

Interesting work though, it really creeps me out! o o'

I like the mix between a realistic detailing and a cartoony style. You even gave scales to the fish.

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