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Trump farting on the paper was super-sudden.

The animation is fluid, and the lip-sync is matching. Not everyone's going to be keen with fart jokes, even if it's for satirical purposes, though.

In my opinion, you may either get B+ or A-. Again, it's just my opinion.

GLoosley responds:

I got a D-... :-\

Not that bad, I guess. Having it as an audio file could have been a better option, but still. The minimal style looks neat overall.

And we're not talking the King character!

I love the smooth animation on this, as well as how the bubbles were animated. For this being just a shadow -and the thumb showing full color, it does not ruin quality.

The voice acting is not that bad; the woman in the house's voice could use some work, though.
The character designs aren't bad either.
The animation is just as alright, though the fighting scene could use some more attention. Apart from it feeling too quick.

Despite this, it has some plot on it. Haven't yet seen the very first episode, but when I have time, I will.

D-Liu responds:

Thank you very much for taking the time to watch it and write this review!

Amazing flipbook animation! I like the sudden twist on this, and I also like the perspectives during some of the frames. I also like the placement of the sound effects; it's why editing always works.

The song sounds okay to me!
I like the intention on this, and the pun made with radishes. This one is more of a Badass Radish. Or as you said; a Bad-ish!

gatekid3 responds:


This little loop was actually funny to look at! The sound effects are kept balanced, as well as the application of the idea itself. I'm hopeful others will like your result here.

(Nothing much to say here)

fattyfatfatto responds:

Thank you! It means a lot :D

Messing around with SFM can be hard, but it can lead to interesting results. I understand this was mostly a test, but for that, this turned out okay. Yes, hands can be the hardest part of animation, as for placement and stuff like that.

You should keep experimenting with this stuff if you want to be someone in the big leagues for SFM users.

Protoi responds:

Thank you and this was actually done in Maya. I don't remember where I got the model but it is pretty different than SFM.

You could have used SOMEONE's voice to attempt to mimick a cat. However though, besides the video being 'long' and loud ONLY for the intro and the credits, there isn't much actual content. I like the context, but you need to put more effort on it, as some people might not understand it.
The video would have been better if the actual content stood by itself, probably integrating the credits, but not making them too long either.

For this being an experiment, it ended pretty funny! I liked how one of the cats had an issue carrying the briefcase, but how the other could do it without a problem!

Weight practicing always works. All animation experiments work, for if you plan on being a cartoonist.

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