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For something House, this is calm. Its theme matches the name.

Wow, you're working in the soundtrack for an personal project too? Cause I am.

The ambience feels just as alright, and those drops make you feel like something worse's coming, but in the end, it's the suspense about incoming invaders.
Though I don't think the drops are well announced -apart from the one at the beginning, and for this being at 150 BPM, it feels like it's going at a slower tempo.
Still, I like the choice for percussion.

It overall feels like a good choice for a soundtrack. It's the type of track that looks for counting a story.

AutumnCheney responds:

Thank you! I do agree with the fact that the second drop was not announced well, and that is one that I could add. I'm glad that I was able to create an atmosphere with this song. Yes, my project does have a story to it, but not one that you may expect... I'll release it eventually, so stay tuned for it. Again, thank you for the review!

This may remain as my all-time favorite track by you. It just feels too inspirational...

It's unfair how come this doesn't have many listens! It's calm, and overtime it gets happier.
I especially like the sounds on this, as well as the rhythm for it. The use of white noise isn't exaggerated; it's just as alright in my opinion!
If I were to define the custom genre... uhm... it could be 'Drum, Bass, and Ambient'. Something by those parts.

I may watch the video to this soon, but still; why this doesn't have more listens?

pichuscute0 responds:

Thank you so much! My guess as to why it hasn't gotten many views yet is because I released it at an off time of the day. That and I had taken a break from newgrounds for around 8 years... lmao.

Man, at one point I planned on using this track, but I never did, and I don't want to remember where I wanted to use it.

But still, I loved -still love- the rhythm for this one.

More than relaxing, is a happy track. To me, it looks more simplified. I especially like the instrument combinations for this one.

I don't know why I was waiting for this. Because a remake was what I was thinking about back in the days I don't want to remember.

Indeed you're right! It's back, but happier than ever as well!!

Why this doesn't have more listens?! It's not just simple, but it can cheer up nearly anyone that hears it! Though if someone wishes to play it on the piano, a score may be needed.

But still; it may be short, but it's still something nice to hear when you feel like you're about to lose at everything, but still have hope on the inside.

GreyHooves responds:

I'd love to know that myself! I'm still trying to figure out the best way to make my new stuff more noticeable, but I'm always happy when someone enjoys my work :D

Been years since I firstly heard this and I still love it at this point. Feels perfect for a great prosecution or some serious action.

I don't really hear what's good on this. I mean, the leitmotif may be well heard, but the rest of the track sounds... odd. I know it's an experiment and all that stuff, but it just feels odd in a way I can't describe. I don't think you nailed the 'dark' turn for the end.

It could be more justified if this was actually made in 2016 and you were a newbie back then, but... yeah...

Blokatt responds:

Yeah, that's fair. I suppose you have to approach this in the right "mode" to find it enjoyable. Like maybe when listening to old Amiga MODs that sound similar. It's a deliberate choice of style, something which I know isn't necessarily an excuse, but might make the context a bit more clear.

To be honest, I have no idea why people are listening to this one in particular. AFAIK, I've uploaded things that are way more listenable.

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