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Opinion about yesterday's Nintendo Direct! (SPOILERS)

Posted by LastyGhost - 1 month ago

Do not read unless you have seen the Nintendo Direct or just don't mind getting spoiled.

Even though I have never called any Direct a disappointment, let me say this one has been quite a ride! And an exciting one!

I had my expectations set too low, but that's probably the main reason why I enjoyed it. Sure, there were indeed some announcements that did not catch my eye, but there were plenty of ones that did, not like several Directs before -including the E3 Direct, which I didn't fully see, but all I wanted to know was the new Smash fighter from then, that being Kazuya...

The things I'm hyped for the most are:

  • Kirby and the Forgotten Land: At last, a 3D Kirby game! Kirby Air Ride -from way back in the GameCube, and it was one of my childhood games, and the only 3D Kirby game we've had for over a decade... Star Allies did not leave a smile on my face as it was pretty much like every other 2D Kirby game -with 3D models- we've been getting for the past... many years, I've lost count. But hey, Forgotten Land will sure be on my wishlist!
  • ACNH content: I hope those people that have been pleading for Brewster to return are happy now, because, from what it was announced, the Roost will make its return. Wait, [American] ACNH fans are pretty much like [American] Pok√©mon fans... never satisfied even with what they've been pleading for. Honestly, I do not mind Brewster returning, especially because I have not played an Animal Crossing game before New Horizons. Waiting until October to know more and until November to receive the content, I can tolerate that. After all, October will turn my island into Pumpkin Land (but I am seeking a Halloween theme for it...).
  • Who will be the final SSBU Fighter?!: I don't expect anybody, but whoever it is, they should be well worth it (Even if it means waiting two weeks before knowing who they are). I hope it ends with the years-long toxicity that has surrounded the [American] community for all these years. And if it continues, well, it tried.
  • BAYONETTA 3! B A Y O N E T T A 3!!!: After 1386 days (almost 4 years!) of waiting for an update about the game's development, there is FINALLY a trailer for Bayonetta 3! That announcement has made my night -heck, it probably made my week! Though something seems oddly familiar about Bayonetta's look for the game... (can't argue with the fact she's looking rad and beautiful as ever!)

Now, people keep talking about Splatoon 3's Story Mode, the Online Service about to receive an upgrade to include Nintendo 64 AND SEGA Genesis (have Nintendo and SEGA finally set their differences aside?), and the cast for the Mario movie by Illumination (but predominantly the cast)

  • To be fair, I don't mind the cast: I have never heard of those actors before, thus I don't know much about how they are with the characters they voiced before. But the less I know, the more my hype, I guess. I wonder how are the tables going to turn in 2022...
  • While I never had a Nintendo 64 itself, I remember playing some games from it -well, probably just Kirby 64 and the original Super Smash Bros., which was not showcased- in Wii's Virtual Console. If only I had spare money to pay for that service upgrade when it comes out...
  • And for Splatoon 3's Story Mode, well, at least the Squid Sisters are okay.

I should start preparing my wallet...