Entry #1

Quick reminder

2018-02-20 20:28:06 by LastyGhost

I'm no newbie to Newgrounds. I originally started as ChoonieMoonie2002, but had to move accounts, not because I couldn't turn into a Supporter to change my username, but because my style has improved so much the account wouldn't 'handle' the drastic style-program change, and so... I had to go back, but under a new name, and so, I can post my Medly tracks without style-change suspect, or something like that.


I, probably shouldn't do this, but for those who didn't get to know me as ChoonieMoonie2002, here is my old story/account: https://chooniemoonie2002.newgrounds.com/


But yes, I'm still the Choonie girl you know (and enjoy, despite I don't know?) - I'm just under a new Newgrounds name, as well as style to compose.


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